Topic: Social Science

Methods: Scatterplot, Time Series,
Topics: Social Science,
Datafile Name: Birthrates

This dataset lists the number of live births per 10,000 23-year-old women in the United States between 1917 and 1975. A scatterplot of birthrate against year shows a strong pattern in the birthrate over time. The birthrate fell sharply during the 1920s, bottomed out during the Depression, rose ra...

Methods: Median, Efficiency, Summary Statistics,
Topics: Social Science, Sociology,
Datafile Name: Rain Forest

Between September 15, 1986 and October 18, 1987 two researchers recorded when each resident of the Gwaimasi village (in a rain forest of New Guinea) left and returned to the village. Upon their return from a hunting trip, the amount of edible food of various types captured by each resident was re...

Methods: Regression, Outlier, Dummy Variable,
Topics: Government, Social Science, Sociology,
Datafile Name: New York City Crime

The datafile contains percent changes in manpower and seasonally adjusted changes in weekly auto thefts and larcenies for the 25 precincts in New York City from a base period of 27 weeks in 1966 to an experimental period of 58 weeks in late 1966 and 1967. During the experimental period police man...

Methods: Outlier, Regression, Residuals, Transformation, Nonlinear Regression, Dummy Variable,
Topics: Health, Medical, Social Science,
Datafile Name: Smoking and Cancer

Nevada and the District of Columbia are outliers in the distribution of cigarette consumption (sale) per capita by states in 1960. How the most extreme observa- tion, Nevada, should be handled in the regressions of various cancer death rates on cigarette consumption, however, varies. In addition,...

Methods: Collinearity, Correlation, Causation, Lurking Variable, Regression,
Topics: Social Science,
Datafile Name: US Crime

These data are crime-related and demographic statistics for 47 US states in 1960. The data were collected from the FBI's Uniform Crime Report and other government agencies to determine how the dependent variable crime rate (R) depends on the other variables measured in the ...

Methods: Regression, Outlier, Collinearity, Assumptions, Regression,
Topics: Economics, Social Science,
Datafile Name: Wages and Hours

The data are from a national sample of 6000 households with a male head and earnings of less than $15,000 annually in 1966. Thirty-nine demographic subgroups were formed for analysis of the relation between average hours worked during the year and average hourly wages and other variables. The stu...

Methods: Mean, Summary Statistics,
Topics: Psychology, Social Science,
Datafile Name: Popular Kids

The subjects, students in grades 4-6 in selected schools in Michigan, were asked the following question:

Which of the following would make you popular among your friends? Rank in order.

A. Make good grades.

B. Having lots of money.

C. Being good at sports.<...

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