Topic: Automotive

Methods: Regression, Time Series, Dummy Variable,
Topics: Automotive, Government, Health,
Datafile Name: Albuquerque Batmobile

In April 1979 the Albuquerque Police Department began a special enforcement program aimed at reducing DWI accidents. The program consisted of a squad of police officers who manned a van which housed a Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT) device. The data collected to evaluate the program consisted of a q...

Methods: Boxplot, ANOVA,
Topics: Automotive, Consumer, Energy, Engineering, Environment,
Datafile Name: Auto Pollution Filter Noise

The data are from a statement by Texaco, Inc. to the Air and Water Pollution Subcommittee of the Senate Public Works Committee on June 26, 1973. Mr. John McKinley, President of Texaco, cited the Octel filter, developed by Associated Octel Company as effective in reducing pollution. However, quest...

Methods: Cluster Analysis, Three Dimensional Plot,
Topics: Automotive, Consumer, Engineering,
Datafile Name: Cars

Consumer Reports measured the gas mileage of 38 1978-79 model cars. Other measurements about each car, such as weight and drive ratio, were reported by the manufacturer. A cluster analysis of MPG, Weight, and Drive Ratio for cars reveals three main clusters, which we might identify ...

Methods: Lurking Variable, Outlier, Regression,
Topics: Consumer, Engineering, Automotive,
Datafile Name: Cars

In a regression to predict fuel consumption (measured in Gallons/100 miles -- see the related story "Measuring Fuel Efficiency") from the weight and drive ratio of cars, the Buick Estate Wagon shows up as an outlier. Remarkably enough, even though the Buick Estate Wagon has high fuel co...

Methods: Regression, Transformation, Polynomial Regression,
Topics: Automotive, Engineering, Consumer,
Datafile Name: Passenger Car Mileage

Variation in gasoline mileage among makes and models of automobiles is influenced substantially by the weight and horsepower of the vehicles. When miles per gallon and horsepower are transformed to logarithms, the linearity of the regression is improved. A negative second order term is required t...

Methods: Distribution, Median, Probability, Histogram,
Topics: Automotive, Engineering,
Datafile Name: U.S. Vehicle Weights, '75-'90

Frequency distributions are given for the weights of cars, trucks, and light duty vehicles sold in the United States in 1975 and in 1990. The class intervals are not the same through the entire listing, however. This creates problems in plot- ting frequency polygons. These will be a correct inter...

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