Topic: Energy

Methods: Boxplot, ANOVA,
Topics: Automotive, Consumer, Energy, Engineering, Environment,
Datafile Name: Auto Pollution Filter Noise

The data are from a statement by Texaco, Inc. to the Air and Water Pollution Subcommittee of the Senate Public Works Committee on June 26, 1973. Mr. John McKinley, President of Texaco, cited the Octel filter, developed by Associated Octel Company as effective in reducing pollution. However, quest...

Methods: Regression,
Topics: Energy,
Datafile Name: Nuclear Plants

Data were collected on 32 light water nuclear power plants. For each of these plants, the cost, date of construction permit and net capacity (in MegaWatts) are recorded.

It can be interesting to predict power in MegaWatts from the other variables and to look for trends over time.

Methods: Scatterplot, Time Series, Transformation,
Topics: Economics, Energy,
Datafile Name: Oil Production

The increase in annual world crude oil production from 1880 to 1973 follows a pattern of exponential growth. In order to fit a linear model to these data, the oil production variable must be transformed by taking the natural log. A scatterplot of the log of oil production vs. year follows a strai...

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